Cyber Security

Asset Management

Cre8tive Enterprise can assist in developing an organizational process for protecting endpoints. We can monitor endpoints to identify vulnerabilities or patterns that may require immediate attention. We will take on the arbitrary task of monitoring system logs.

Communications & Network

Cre8tive Enterprise LLC will help your company secure computer networks, systems, and other connected devices that store, communicate, and exchange information. Securely sharing and networking are critical in maintaining:
  • Confidentiality
  • Integrity
  • Availability of Company Resources

Identity Management

Cre8tive Enterprise LLC can help develop an organizational process for identifying, authenticating, and authorizing individuals or groups of people to have access to applications, systems, or networks associated with user rights and restrictions.

Pen & Vulnerability Scanning

Cre8tive Enterprise LLC can conduct vulnerability assessments and penetration testing to provide customers insight that focuses on developing a security posture.

Policies and Procedures

Cre8tive Enterprise LLC can review and help develop custom policies and procedures that fit the needs of a company.

Secure Awareness

Cre8tive Enterprise LLC can assist in developing an organizational process to keep employees educated and help reduce risk.


Other IT Services We Provide

Managed Services
Cyber Security
Infrastructure Design

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